Canada Part I

We've been in Canada for four days and, more specifically, Toronto for the past three. We said goodbye to Michigan, the Brooks Hansons team (Jake and I are pictured below), and our marketing company, EventNext and crossed the border into the Great White North. Neither Zach, Shannon, or myself had ever crossed into Canada commercially, so this was quite the journey...

We decided to take the tunnel from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario without realizing that it was NOT the place for commercial vehicles to cross. Upon realizing this and not having any possibility of turning around, they had us park in the middle of the road to the crossing tunnel, get out, and go into the customs office to get everything checked out. We sat in there for probably two hours (it felt like ten) before they very quickly signed and stamped our papers and let us on our merry way.

Our first impressions of Canada were torrential downpour, downed trees, and power outages, but we had an event to do at The Running Factory in Windsor so we had to show up in good spirits. We had a fun time despite the weather and met many of the Brooks Canada crew. It thundered and lightninged all that night but cleared up by the next day when we drove to Toronto. We've been here since then. Everything is so cheap in Canada! Meals, at least. Even better knowing that 1 CAD = .75 USD right now. We got all you can eat sushi the first night for $22 and it was delicious!

Anyways, we're having a great time and we'll be here in Toronto until Monday when we move to Rochester, NY (with a stop at Niagra Falls along the way, of course).

Canadian things we still need to do:

  • Consume a ton of Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Eat pierogi
  • Apologize for somebody else bumping into us
  • Canadian National Tower

If you can think of anything else we need to do while we're in Toronto, let me know!

Tin can ukuele in the Distillery District of Toronto

Tin can ukuele in the Distillery District of Toronto