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Bring a campfire atmosphere anywhere! TorchGlo attaches to any headlamp and transforms its regular LED light into a warm, ambient, campfire atmosphere. Choose between three lighting options: orange, gold and orange-swirl.

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Orange: the classic campfire feel. You can't go wrong with this color. Great for reading, chatting, or story telling!

Gold: the brightest of the three color options. This light isn't as warm as the orange or orange-swirl TorchGlo, but it is brighter. This color is great if you want working light over a large area of space (ie pumping/filtering water, setting up the tent, cooking meals).

Orange-Swirl: The warmest of the three color options. Red pigment is swirled into the orange which provides a slight red tint in some areas and provides an interesting lighting pattern.

To watch a video that demonstrates the three color options in a real tent setting, check out

TorchGlo comes with four parts: the silicon housing, a diffusion lens, and two strap clips. Initial funding was raised through our Kickstarter campaign where we raised the $14,000 needed for first round tooling and production.

LOCAL TO THE PUGET SOUND, WA AREA? If you want to pick up your TorchGlo rather than have it shipped, email for a shipping promotional code.

Directions for use:

  1. Snap the diffusing lens in your TorchGlo
  2. Place your headlamp into your TorchGlo
  3. Lay your headlamp’s straps along the two side ears
  4. Push the clips through the holes on the ears, securing your headlamp’s straps
  5. Enjoy your warm, ambient lighting!

NOTE: TorchGlo is an attachment for a headlamp. It does not come with a headlamp or any electric lighting source. It goes onto the headlamp that you already own.